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Static Residential Proxy

Canada Location Residential Proxy Portugal Location Residential Proxy Brazil Location Residential Proxy Austria Location Residential Proxy Germany Location Residential Proxy Poland Location Residential Proxy United Kingdom Location Residential Proxy France Location Residential Proxy Netherlands Location Residential Proxy USA Location Residential Proxy Turkey Location Residential Proxy Silkroad Online Proxy
Model Bandwidth Connection Type Location ISP Price
20x Canada Location Residential Proxy
BandwidthUnlimited Connection TypeHTTP or SOCKS LocationCanada ISP- Price $68.00
5x Canada Location Residential Proxy
BandwidthUnlimited Connection TypeHTTP or SOCKS LocationCanada ISP- Price $17.50
10x Canada Location Residential Proxy
BandwidthUnlimited Connection TypeHTTP or SOCKS LocationCanada ISP- Price $34.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Low spam score?

Yes, we provide low score guarantee for ipqs.

What are residential proxies and how do they differ from other types of proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses provided to homeowners by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They differ from other proxy types because they originate from the original devices physically located in their settlements. This makes them appear like regular users rather than virtual or datacenter-based proxies that can be easily detected by anti-bot systems.

How can I use residential proxies for my online activities?

You can use residential proxies to access websites anonymously, bypass geolocation restrictions, and scrape data without being detected. Some of the common use cases for residential proxies include market research, ad validation, SEO monitoring, social media automation, and web scraping.

Are your residential proxies rotating or static? Which one should I choose?

We offer both rotating and static residential proxies. Rotating proxies provide you with a new IP address after each request or after a certain period of time, while static proxies offer a fixed IP address for your use. The choice between rotating and static proxies depends on your specific use case. Static proxies are the best option if you need to maintain a consistent online presence. If you need to perform high volume requests, rotating proxies will be more suitable, you can take a look at our other product on our website, rotating residential proxies.

How many residential proxies do I need for my specific use case?

The number of residential proxies you need depends on your specific use case. We recommend starting with a small number of proxies and increasing gradually as your needs grow. For example, if you need to retrieve data from a website, you may need more proxies to avoid detection. Our team can assist you in determining the optimal number of proxies for your particular use case.

Can I use residential proxies for web scraping, data mining and other automated tasks?

Yes, residential proxies are ideal for web scraping, data mining, and other automated tasks because they mimic human behavior and are less likely to be detected. Our residential proxies are compatible with most web scraping tools and can be used for a variety of web scraping tasks.

How can I connect? IP auth or username:password?

You can only connect to our Static Residential Proxies with username:password. Unfortunately, our Static Residential Proxies do not support IP auth.

Are your residential proxies compatible with my software or tool?

Our residential proxies are compatible with most software and tools that support HTTP or SOCKS protocols. If you are unsure whether our proxies are compatible with your software or tool, our team can assist you in determining compatibility.

How reliable are your residential proxies and what is your uptime guarantee?

Our residential proxies are highly reliable and we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We use a distributed network of residential IP addresses to ensure our proxies are always available and responsive. In the event of an unexpected outage, we provide 24/7 support to resolve any issue promptly.

Do you offer a free trial or money-back guarantee for your residential proxies?

Yes, we offer a free trial period for our residential proxies if there are no stock issues and allow you to test them before you buy. For residential proxies, we cannot offer refunds. You can have more detailed information by taking a look at the return conditions and terms of use on our website.

How do I set up and configure your residential proxies on my device or software?

We provide detailed documentation and support to help you set up and configure our residential proxies on your device or software. Our team can also help you configure proxies, ensuring they work seamlessly with your systems. We provide support for various protocols including HTTP and SOCKS. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, you can also contact our support team for assistance.

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